Introducing The Internship Program by Misdivide

 Aug 4th

Today, we are announcing a new FREE feature to be a part of our organization. The Internship Program, a program you can enter for FREE to EVERYONE, no matter your experience to lock in a position at our company once we are organized and incorporated. Until that time during your contract, you would be building up Misdivide for YOU. No payments can ... Read More »

What's Happened? — Misdivide has been hacked.

 Jul 18th

What's happened? Due to an exploit on Twitter's end, specifically a S.E.T. attack on allowed an unauthorized user to access Misdivide's Twitter account. We are not to blame, many other users have been affected such as @HoodieAllen, @Banks and many other high-profile individuals. We did have an encrypted email on the account, a ... Read More »

Removing Management From Misdivide

 Jul 11th

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CONTACT: +1 (248) 788-6600 is no longer offering management services Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, 7/11/2017 - Misdivide is no longer going to be providing management to further improve and benefit the company and its clients. Our main business and our specialty is web ... Read More »