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Misdivide is no longer offering management services

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, 7/11/2017 - Misdivide is no longer going to be providing management to further improve and benefit the company and its clients. Our main business and our specialty is web development, and we are looking to focus more on this in order to perfect development for our clients. We are also removing our management to further perfect our managing. 

There may be a new company down the road owned by Misdivide that will be a talent agency. This company would be owned by Misdivide but work in a different field separate from the web development that we currently do. We also own Untamed Merch, a new clothing company based out of Bloomfield Hills. We aim to do the same kind of work with clients akin to the work we do with Untamed. 

We also would like to apologize for the mistake we made having Christian Burns as a client. We defended Christian Burns the best we could, because he was a client and our job as management was to take the heat and do the hard stuff. We do not endorse what he said and did, and we suggested multiple times to keep his mouth shut in order for the whole situation to blow over but he didn't listen to us and talked trash anyways. We would hate to make the same mistake twice, so it is best for the company that we take a break from management for the time being.

 Tuesday, July 11, 2017

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