What's happened?

Due to an exploit on Twitter's end, specifically a S.E.T. attack on allowed an unauthorized user to access Misdivide's Twitter account. We are not to blame, many other users have been affected such as @HoodieAllen, @Banks and many other high-profile individuals. We did have an encrypted email on the account, a private phone number, two-step verification and an encrypted password and the user was still able to access the account. We would like to thank the West Bloomfield Police Department, the Twitter Legal team and our technicians for helping get our account back. We apologize for the down time and we are accepting clients once again. The attacker will not be named. Since 9:51 PM EST* 7/16/17, the Twitter account was temporarily disabled. As of 11:54 PM EST* 7/17/17, it is up and secure.


 Tuesday, July 18, 2017

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