What happened to our Twitter?

 Aug 28th

On August 26th 2017, Saturday around 12:00PM EST, one of our trusted affiliates who had access to our account gave our password out. Upon this release, an unauthorized user accessed our account and locked us out. They added testi****22@protonmail.com to our account, removed our secure phone number and deactivated our account, removing our access. ... Читать далее »

Introducing The Internship Program by Misdivide

 Aug 4th

Today, we are announcing a new FREE feature to be a part of our organization. The Internship Program, a program you can enter for FREE to EVERYONE, no matter your experience to lock in a position at our company once we are organized and incorporated. Until that time during your contract, you would be building up Misdivide for YOU. No payments can ... Читать далее »

What's Happened? — Misdivide has been hacked.

 Jul 18th

What's happened? Due to an exploit on Twitter's end, specifically a S.E.T. attack on allowed an unauthorized user to access Misdivide's Twitter account. We are not to blame, many other users have been affected such as @HoodieAllen, @Banks and many other high-profile individuals. We did have an encrypted email on the account, a ... Читать далее »

Removing Management From Misdivide

 Jul 11th

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CONTACT: +1 (248) 788-6600https://misdivide.com/contact.phpMisdivide is no longer offering management services Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, 7/11/2017 - Misdivide is no longer going to be providing management to further improve and benefit the company and its clients. Our main business and our specialty is web ... Читать далее »